Nyhetsbrev fra Colifast 2015

Nyhetsbrev fra Colifast 2015

I denne hÞstens nyhetsbrev kan du lese om nye mÄleinstrumenter fra Colifast som overvÄker vannet som forsyner bÄde rÄvannskilder og nÊringsparker. I tillegg kan du bli bedre kjent med vÄr laboratoriesjef og hÞre om et Colifast Felt Kit som er forsvunnet.

Her kan du lese!

Scientific paper on Colifast ALARM in Oslo

Published paper on monitoring raw water with Colifast ALARM

The fully automated Colifast ALARMℱ is used for daily monitoring of the presence/absence of Escherichia coli in 100 mL raw water at Oset drinking water treatment plant in Oslo, Norway. The daily samples gives useful additional information compared with the weekly routine samples about the hygienic raw water quality and the hygienic barrier efficiency of the lake under different weather conditions and seasons. The article is available here.

Colifast ALARM at Oset WTP

Colifast presentation in Manchester

Goran Khalaf from Colifast will be a speaker on the Sensor for Water Interest Group (SWIG) workshop on disinfection and microbiological monitoring to be held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, UK on the 28th Januarys 2015. The title of his presentation will be: “Benefits of On-Line Detection of E.coli/ Coliforms – Case Studies”.