General Data Protection Regulation

What data we keep

  • Contact info such as names, adress, phone number, and/or email.
  • Correspondance by email and info therin.
  • Consent to keeping the data and to newsletter subscription.
  • User data and cookies from usage of our web page.
  • Purchase history and ordering data.

What we use data for

  • for customer contact, and¬†ordering details
  • to know¬†to whom we can send newsletters, and store data
  • to improve our services and marketing
  • to follow Law and regulations

Measures we take to protect your data

  • We store minimal personal data, and preferentially official bussiness¬†data
  • We use two-step verification for local login, and we have outsourced¬†storage to one of the safest data¬†centers in the country.
  • We are continuously working through our data to keep only whats necessary.

Deletion of your data

  • When a contact is no longer of importance bussiness wise we delete contact information
  • We will delete contact information upon request

Take a look at your rights  if you have any objections to how we store data.