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Microbiological lab services for water

As an additional service, we also carry out microbiological examinations in the laboratory for customers.

Membrane filtration method

The standard method (NS-EN-ISO-9308-1) is used to determine the number of thermotolerant coliform bacteria per 100 milliliters of liquid sample. It is not suitable for less liquid sample material such as mud, soil, etc. The water sample is filtered through a filter which is grown for 22 hours on m-FC agar plates at 44 degrees Celsius. Test results are given after a day and in the “number of thermotolerant coliform bacteria per 100 mL water sample”.

Customers who currently use this service include sewage treatment plants.

Quick method

The quick method is a growth-independent method that gives an approximate answer to how many coliform or thermotolerant coliform bacteria are present in a water sample. It measures an increase in enzyme activity and can therefore give a quantitative test result within 75 minutes. The method has a detection limit of 500 cfu/100 mL and is therefore well suited to uncover major contamination incidents where it is important to determine quickly where the discharge originates.

This method is available with the Colifast Field Kit, but if you only want to analyze for a shorter period of time, we can carry out the test in our laboratory.

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