Remote Monitoring of Bacteria on Drinking Water

Sabesp, one of the largest sanitation companies in the world is using Colifast ALARM for supervision of the total coliform levels in an especially remote location.


Make Sure Your Factory Reuses Clean Water

In Turkey the Hyundai Assan car factory wishes to monitor the bacterial levels of their reuse water. The Colifast ALARM is doing daily testing of the water, ensuring the quality is as it should be.


Do As ATL, Barcelona - Monitor Your Water with the Fastest Growth Based Method

In Barcelona they use a locally calibrated Time-To-Detect Method to monitor their raw water intake. The Colifast ALARM is installed to continuously (every 15 hours) sample water and analyse the quality.


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Recreational Swimming In Urban Areas - Good Idea or Not?

Wild swimming has become more popular. A nice area along the urban river Akerselva in Oslo was picked out as a hot spot by keen swimmers. The CALM (Colifast At-Line Monitor) did daily monitoring of the bacterial level and made it clear that swimming right here might not be the best of ideas.


Clean Water Reservoirs - Clean Water Goes In, But Does it Stay Clean?

When runoff water ends up contaminating the distribution network, it does not matter how high standards the water treatment plant bears. Colifast ALARM can be placed at quite remote sites to keep track of water quality, closer to where it actually is consumed.


Get Closer to Real-Time by Installing Multiple Systems

In Gothenburg, Sweden a highly polluted river is used as raw water source. By installing online monitoring at critical points, they keep good track of the water quality situation.


Monitoring of Drinking Water Supplied to Food Industry with Colifast ALARM

The Colifast ALARM can be used to measure presence/absence of E. coli, thermotolerant coliforms (fecal coliforms) and total coliforms in drinking water distribution networks.


Groundwater Monitoring with Colifast ALARM

cascade areationThe Colifast ALARM measures presence/absence of E. coli, thermotolerant coliforms (fecal coliforms) and total coliforms in water.


Tracing Contamination from Sewer Leakages with Rapid Method

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The rapid method is capable of quantifying fecal coliforms in water within 75 min. This method has proved to be very efficient in tracing waste water leakages.