EU and US-EPA Validation

US-EPA ETV Validation

The Colifast ALARM was verified by the EPA’s ETV program. The goal of the ETV program has been to verify the performance of technology that can solve problems related to the public health and the environment – see ETV fact sheet.

The program concluded with the following: “In TC/EC results compared to the SM 9221B, the chi-square value was less than the critical limit in each case. Hence for TC/EC, the chi-square test did not detect any differences between the results of the Colifast ALARM and the reference method.

Download the ETV report from US-EPA’s webpage.

The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program was established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US. The purpose of the program was to give information about and verify technology that could contribute to improved environmental protection. The ETV program collaborated with recognized standards and testing organizations in order to ensure that the data generated was both reliable and defensible.


Colifast validation


Colifast technology for E. coli and P. aeruginosa was tested by three independent institutes and utilities.

  • Instituto Superiore di Sanitá, Roma, Italy
  • Ecole Nationale de Santé Publique, Rennes, France
  • Thames Water Utilities Ltd, Reading, UK

The project tested and compared Colifast methods and on-line instruments with reference methods (ISO 9308-1 and EN 12780). In this project, the Colifast Analyzer (discontinued instrument)  and CALM were demonstrated in laboratory and in industrial conditions.

Testing of the Colifast E. coli medium at the “Instituto Superiore di Sanitá” showed 97% specificity and 98% sensitivity and no significant difference between the Colifast method (14 h incubation time) and ISO 9308-1 method when 208 natural water samples were tested.